Online Carer Support

Sustain Coach

Not sure what help is out there for carers and want a chat?

Chat with our interactive WhatsApp care coach and get local support today.  You can Ask Bridgit anything.

How it works

You can Ask Bridgit anything you want to learn about to help in your caring role.

Ask Bridgit is available on WhatsApp, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

To get started, simply message Ask Bridgit on WhatsApp and answer a series of questions about yourself, your challenges, and your needs.

Based on your responses, Ask Bridgit will generate a personalised support plan that includes practical ideas, local services, and online resources.

Easy to Use

Ask Bridgit on WhatsApp is easy to use. You can get private help and advice that fits your needs. It's a safe place to talk about any worries you might have without fear of being judged.

Personalised for you

Ask Bridgit helps carers by offering customised plans, resources, and tools, making their role easier while improving your well-being.

Available anytime

You can get help from Ask Bridgit anytime, day or night, from wherever you are.

Local Services

Ask Bridgit helps you find local services and resources, such as respite care, financial support, and support groups for carers in your area.

Support Available

Care Technology

Help to find technology or aids

  • Tech recommendations
  • Support in your home
  • Organisations to help

Carer Support

Access carer advice personalised for you

  • Simple ideas to try
  • Local services & support
  • Online resources

Dementia Support

Help caring for someone with dementia

  • Ideas for you and them
  • Dementia tips
  • Conditions information